Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Baró Cruz gallery announces the group show ‘VIDEO in foco / PHOTO in foco’ by video artists and photographers from 8 countries.

The baró cruz gallery is pleased to announce the opening of the group exhibition “VIDEO in foco / PHOTO in foco”, showcasing the latest production of artists from Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Cuba, France, Germany, England and Spain who apply the language of vídeo and photography to translate their various contemporary concepts.

The exhibition presents vídeo artworks that utilize photographical expression in construction: either as stop-motion sequence or as still image vídeo to create ‘photography in movement’.

Contrarily, it also introduces artworks produced vice versa i. e, appropriating the language of the video and paintings in the production process. In this case images are created by using an open shutter camera to portray the time and the movement from the video, showing within a still image a ‘frozen movement’.

Through the fusion of these two visions, the exhibition portrays the construction and deconstruction of the images.

Brazilian artists include: Camila Sposati, Cristiano Lenhardt, Flaminio Jallageas, Roberto Bellini, Ana Teixeira, Claudia Jaguaribe, Daniel Athayde, Gui Mohallem, Jorge Menna Barreto, Lina Kim, Laura Erber and Raquel Kogan and Lea Van Steen.

Raquel and Lea display the new video 'nothing in the infinite', which consists of two arranged monitors with two blurred images in dialogue with each other.

The young artist Cristiano Lenhardt, presents the work 'Retratante e Retratado’, where two individuals establish contact through the use of as signs, flashes, shutters, lenses and instruments.

The Spanish artist Enrique Radigales shows the video “Dossier: la ventana de la escisión”, an audiovisual narrative created by comparing the common situations between the internet, video and painting taken from the perspective of the artist studio window.

French artist Titouan Lamazou , similarly draws on analogies from painting scenarios in order to produce photography : a rereading of the famous picture "Bathtub # 3" from 1963, created by the North American pop painter Tom Wesselmann and the Brazilian Daniel Athayde, with ‘dead nature’ photographs of spoiled products at supermarkets in São Paulo.

Argentinean artist Alejandro Chaskielberg and Michael Wesely from Germany use light itself as the creator of their prolonged exposed photos. In their work, movement and time are clearly identified in figurative and abstract images.

Gui Mohallem uses this idea of time, taking pictures of the same person in different years of his life.

Claudia Jaguaribe and Jorge Menna Barreto exhibit photography generated through stills from an original video.

The conceptual Cuban artist Wilfredo Prieto uses the video as a tool to document an intimate moment. In 'planets' his feces are projected in a loop, resulting in an impression of spinning planets in orbit.

This selection of works aims to familiarize and inform the visitor of video and photography as vital tools for the artists of today. Through being part of a generation where these mediums are an insert in everyday life, these artist reach an important point by selecting and converting various social representations of society, and thereby demystifying the significance of video and photography as key components in future art history.

Exhibition: “VIDEO in Foco / PHOTO in Foco”

Baró Cruz gallery

Opens 7th july 2009. From 19:00 until 22:30

From july 8th until august 8th of 2009.

Address: Clodomiro Amazonas, 526. Itaim Bibi. São Paulo. Brazil.

contact: +55.11.31670830 /


Camila Sposati, Cristiano Lenhardt, Flaminio Jallageas, Roberto Bellini, Raquel Kogan & Lea Van Steen, Ana Teixeira, Claudia Jaguaribe, Daniel Athayde, Gui Mohallem, Jorge Menna Barreto, Lina Kim, Laura Erber (Brazil), Cristian Segura, Roberto Jacoby, Alejandro Chaskielberg, Erica Bohm, Nicola Costantino (Argentina), Wilfredo Prieto (Cuba), Michael Wesely (Germany), Toby Christian (England), Titouan Lamazou (France) Enrique Radigales (Spain) e Monica Espinosa (Mexico).

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